Hair Clips – Stampin’ Up! style

I wear a hair clip almost every day.  Always on the right side, lined up with the outer  edge of my eye brow, but further back, (ever since I read in a magazine that this is the most flattering spot.)  I have very curly, thick hair, and I have found that alligator style clips are the only kind that stand a chance of staying in place.

My daughter has managed to appropriate most of my hair clips, even though she has lovely straight hair which does not necessitate such particularity in hair accessories.  Rather than go buy more, I decided to do what any self respecting Stampin’ Up! demonstrator would do, and make some of my own.

The one in the middle is simply made by gluing on a piece of dsp, sanding the edges, and covering with crystal effects.  (The same process as making the washer jewelry.)  The clips on either end are made by twisting ribbon and wrapping it around itself, then sticking a pearl in the center.  I hot glued the ribbon “flower” on to a circle of felt which I had cut two small slits into, and slid onto a clip. I hot glued the pearl on, too, just to be sure to keep it in place.

If these start turning up missing, I will know my daughter approves.

Happy stamping and creating!



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